#Team Toshan


Toshan provides an excellent opportunity to learn Event management, Event Planning and Handling to all enthusiastic youngsters who have the zeal to make it big. 

School and College students, graduates and Undergraduates eager to learn all about Event Planning and Event Management and for those who looking forward to make their career in this field for them it’s an excellent platform and opportunity to gain practical experience and explore their interest while being in college which will help them further after there College.

  • If you have the zeal to learn Event Management.
  • If you wanna gain some practical experience and good exposure.
  • If you are Passionate.
  • If you wanna sharpen your managerial skills.
  • If you wanna develop your personality and confidence level.
  • If you’re looking for learning, growth and contentment.

                                                                                                           Come Join Us…!!

To enroll as a Volunteer / Official Event Crew member , register to qualify for further trainings and development. And, for that kindly go through from our Terms & Conditions* and fill up the Form provided below.

Eligibility Criteria : 

  1. Applicant must be a college student of Chandigarh – Tricity.
  2. Kindly go through from our Terms & Conditions* mentioned below and if you agree to our rules and guidelines or have any query regarding any point you can clarify with us during your personal interview.
  3. To qualify for personal interview, register yourself simply by filling up the Form provided below.  

#TeamToshan At Work

Terms & Conditions*

  1. We are not recruiting people on a temporary basis, thereby so it will be a one-year long internship till next year 31st March 2020 and in that period you’ll get the opportunity to witness and work in all the Events done by Toshan. And, in any case, if you want to discontinue with us you can’t leave the organization before 6 months (exceptions can be considered) and also you have to inform us before about your leaving so that we can recruit more people. Otherwise, we won’t be liable to provide you with the perks and certificates for your work done with us.

  2. After your selection, you have to submit an annual registration fee of 500/- rupees only, in which 200/- is the security amount which will be refunded to you at the end of your internship with all your certificates. If you leave your internship in between or violate our guidelines then the security amount shall not be refunded to you.


  3. The most important guideline to be kept in mind before joining Toshan. If you join our official event crew team then you won’t be allowed to do freelance or work outside us in any other event.
    For ex., if you have joined any college group or organization, any NGO’s or Rotaract Club excluding all these, if we get to know that you have worked outside in any other event for any other company like Story Creators, EYP Creations, any marathon events or any other event of any other company.
    In that case, if we found you guilty and immediate strict action will be taken against it for violating our guidelines.
  4. NO sort of promotion or social media marketing will be done of other events and event companies as your first loyalty is towards us and our growth.


  5. Once you get selected you will be added in the official whatsapp group of Toshan Creations. There you will be getting all the updates regarding your upcoming event training. Now, it’s very important to participate over there actively and give a response to every official message send over there accordingly and on given time and make sure we don’t have to ask for the same thing again.


  6. For any reason, if you aren’t able to participate in the event, first make sure you respond to the message accordingly and still by any chance if you won’t be able to make it then with your reason just inform us about it in the group or personally to us on time. (Only genuine and justified reasons will be considered) 
    By any chance, if we notice that you have seen the message but haven’t responded to it on given time then on that immediate strict action will be taken.


  7. “Strictly – NO Backing out” at the last moment from the event and for that, no silly excuses will be entertained (only the exceptions or emergencies will be considered). Otherwise, in that so your internship will be terminated on immediate action.


  8. ‘NO personal contact sharing with the official’s of another event team (especially girls). That’s strictly against our guidelines for business and also it’s for your security concern.
  9. No biasness or partiality will be done. Everyone will be getting the same and equal opportunities. 
  10. All the certificates of your particular events and with that one of Toshan’s certificates of your whole long internship will be given all together at the end of your internship or tenure which will be 31st March 2020, or when you plan to leave us in between but that too only after 6 months and not before that. Yes, that time for final year students if they’ll needing them before – no issues (exception situation can be considered).


  11. Special Perks like an extended internship & membership without giving any additional fee, a certain amount of commission will be given to all those who’ll bring any lead or client to the company but it’s upto the company what percentage of commission they’ll finalise to give. (This will only be done if the lead brought by you gets converted). If we don’t then you shall poses the right to take action against us.

  12. Not for every event but for events like Weddings, a certain amount of stipend will be given to each one of you. If we don’t then you shall poses the right to take action against us.

  13. In any scenario, if we come to know that during the period of your internship and thereafter, because of your certain actions the company’s name and reputation is coming on the stake or getting damage. As we are a registered event company we shall have the right to take legal action against you. 

If the above Terms & Conditions* of Internship are acceptable to you, Please fill up the form below to register yourself and to qualify for personal interview.

Team Toshan Recruitment Form
Official enrolment form for joining Team Toshan Creations
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